Level Two Rules



The obedience and protection exercises will be judged as one in Level Two but with the obedience always judged first.  All exercises will be in the same order for each competitor.




The exercises will consist of heelwork on lead and off lead; retrieve of an article supplied by the judges with a present in front and finish; a recall with present in front and finish; a down stay with the handler approximately 2m away - the handler will be asked to perform a task, e.g. move a bicycle, wheelbarrow, empty boxes, etc. - this exercise to be off lead, the handler to return to the dog and the dog to remain in the down position until the exercise is finished.



At the start of the obedience exercise all dogs will be presented to the judges wearing a muzzle.  The dogs will walk to heel onto the field and sit at heel approximately 2m from the judges. The dog will be expected to walk to heel in a normal manner and not fight the muzzle.

The judges will then ask the handler to remove the muzzle.  This will form part of the heelwork obedience.  

After the removal of the muzzle the obedience exercises will continue.  


During the obedience the dog will be expected to protect it’s handler (with a bite if necessary) - this exercise to be conducted on lead.  


Additional commands or corrections (physically or verbally) will be penalized heavily by the judges throughout all exercises.




‘A’ frame, hurdle and long jump - the handler may be asked to perform any one or all three jumps at any time during the obedience phase.




The protection exercises will be picked at random by the judges before the trial commences and in view of all competitors, from the list of exercises allowed by the society. 4 exercises will be picked - these may include passive exercises, exercises with no bite, distraction on the bite with water or other objects, multiple bites or attacks on handler and bites over objects, runaways, bites during crowd control, front attack with firearm or weapon.


The judges will be looking for control at all times, any corrections will be heavily penalised.  

Bites over the object will be timed - 15 seconds will be allowed from the time the dog reaches the object, for the dog to negotiate the object and bite the helper. The handler will be allowed three commands to encourage the dog to bite. The helper will show threatening aggression at all times, even when the dog is biting.  If the dog fails to negotiate the object in 15 seconds, the team will score zero for this exercise.