The aim of the United Kingdon Patrol and Protection Alliance is to provide practical challenging scenario based competitions requiring realistic type training that reflects the requirements of a Patrol or Protection Dog. Only those breeds recognised as Service or Security Dogs will be eligible any cross breeds or other breed types will only be permitted by prior approval of the trails committee.





1) Heelwork with distractions, footballs, plastic bottles, sleeves, woman pushing a pushchair through the ring, man on crutches walks into the ring.

2) Combined agility and heel work.

3) Open seek, search for a hidden man and indication.

4) Bite on a passive man.

5) Attack through or over an obstacle, window, car, bales of straw.

6) Test of courage, helper using an umbrella or other unusual prop, air horn or water gun.

7) Release from a vehicle to a running man.

8) Retrieve of an article, glove, credit card or wallet maybe.

9) Crowd Control.

10) Aggression on command, the handler would be required to switch the dog on and off.


All helpers will be in bite suits, if you have trained leg bites you will be required to inform the judge so the helpers are not put in unnecessary risk, the dog will be required to bite above the waist, arms shoulders points will be allocated accordingly.



The above are ideas; it is intended that the UKPPDA evolve as it grows and that  each trial is different containing new elements or a different combination of elements each time.


The first trial will give us the opportunity to measure interest and ascertain what is required to produce a set of tests that better reflect the practical everyday duties of a patrol and protection dog and handler team, as well as inspiring the Handler to train over and above that which is adequate to their requirements.


It is hoped that by putting on these trials that we can eventually produce a practical test that is both stimulating and useful for purpose, whilst producing a dog that is confidant, well balanced and able to cope with most eventualities.

We are open to constructive ideas and input from any interested party.