10 December 2011


Level One

Winner Willy Carp

2nd Matt Wiggins



Level Two

Winner Ben Litchfield

2nd Sati Gill

3rd  Guy Morgan


Level One Judges

Criminal Work Alan Woods

Criminal Work Gwiylm Harding

Control Ron Stanley & Collin Huskins


Level Two Judges

John Clark

John Rumble



Matt Wiggins

Damien O Donnell

Martin Peacock

Kevin Roper

Matt Wiggins

Nathaniel Lewis

Martin Stubbs


Damien O Donnell, Trials Manager

Kevin Roper, Trials Secretary

Collin Huskins, Venues and Trophy Coordinator

Andy Rowley, Publicity Officer

HK Gear














Eye Watch security

Shield Security

Delta 9K9

First Response Security. J7 Security

5K Security

ODonnell Construction









Rosettes from

Colin & Pam Huskins

Blueline Security

Having both judged level one previously, we were looking forward to level two, particularly as we had some input into the content of the programme.  The instructions were published on the association website and a walk-through was carried out before the competition started, so all the handlers could see what was required and ask questions.


The overall picture of all the dogs was good, but the majority of handlers lost points on the control section; these were silly points to lose, e.g. zero for jumps; big deductions for retrieve (mouthing or refusal to loose the object).  These points prevented some good dogs from gaining high positions in the overall trial.


Most of the protection work was of a high standard, with the dogs under control and understanding what was required.


It is important for the handlers to remember that the obedience and agility exercises are as important as the protection exercises.


We hope our comments are taken in a constructive way.  We believe the majority of the dogs we judged are capable of competing in level three.


We look forward to seeing you all in the future, and remember, train your weaknesses, not your strengths.


John Clark

John Rumble

Ben Litchfield with Heidei, Level Two Winner